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Compatriot Capital is the real estate investment arm of Sammons Enterprises. Founded in 1938, Sammons is a Dallas-based holding company with over $120B in assets. Sammons is employee owned through its Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).  Compatriot's objective is to grow the enterprise value of Sammons through accretive investments in real estate.

Who We Are & What We Do

Compatriot accomplishes its objective in two primary ways.


We acquire ownership interests in established and respected real estate operating companies through capital infusions used for growth and operations.


We invest in real estate projects across various asset classes, both with our operating partners as well as with select best-in-class sponsors.  At stabilization, some investments may be transitioned to a long-term hold strategy.


Long Term Partnerships

Compatriot invests in real estate projects and companies across the United States.

A Long-Term View

Compatriot invests in established companies and sponsors with a proven record of success and a desire to grow. Our operating-level investments are intended to be long-term, without any pre-determined plan or time horizon to sell or divest.

Meaningful Ownership

We pursue opportunities that represent both the potential for investment and for true partnership. We share governance with an understanding that Compatriot and management will work together to grow the business platform.

Compatriot's Investment Philosophy Has Two Primary Tenets

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