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Investing in Real Estate Companies and Their Projects

Compatriot is a diversified real estate business striving to grow enterprise value by investing in relationships
with talented and committed partners.  We provide capital to support the growth and expansion of private real estate operating companies while building a portfolio of long-term hold real estate assets.


Currently, Compatriot maintains strategic relationships with 7 companies developing and operating projects in the commercial office, multi-family, hospitality, neighborhood retail, senior housing and life science sectors. In addition, Compatriot is a majority owner of Village Green, a third-party property management company in the multi-family industry. 


The Compatriot Investment Philosophy

A Long-Term View

Compatriot looks for companies already on a trajectory towards long-term success. Our investments are intended to be long-term, without any pre-determined plan or time horizon to sell or divest.

Meaningful Ownership

We pursue opportunities that represent both the potential for investment and for true partnership. We share governance with an understanding that Compatriot and management will work together to grow the business platform. 

Promoting Growth

Compatriot invests in best-in-class companies with the intent to grow. We provide co-investment capital for asset and balance sheet growth.  

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